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We place a very high value on customer feedback to ensure we stay in tune with our clients needs and expectations and continue to deliver excellent results and customer service. Every customer is given a feedback form which may be returned freepost to our Head Office. The feedback is logged, and where client permission has been given, the testimonials from those feedback forms are published below.

We found the trainer John to be very insightful to what our needs were and how to go about correcting certain behaviors that our dog was exhibiting. Turk has greatly improved from the training, tips, and tricks we incorporated after our first session. Not only did we see a difference in our dog but in ourselves as well. Thanks again John!
Kristy P., Rogers, Minnesota 29th February 2016

John was a blessing in disguise. Even though we had Harris in a training class for 12 weeks through a pet store (and we were pleased with the results), we knew Harris needed more specialized training. Actually John showed us that we were the ones needing the training!!! Before John we couldn't take Harris with us to outdoor festivities because of how he would pull, not pay attention to us, etc. Now, Harris goes with us everywhere a dog is allowed to go and he is PERFECT! People come up to us to pet Harris and we always say we owe it to Bark Busters and our trainer John. Best money spent!!!!!
Carol & Ron F., Coon Rapids, Minnesota 6th October 2015

John was wonderful! The tips he provided were eye opening and extremely easy to implement. We saw immediate changes in our puppy!
Anne N., Champlin, Minnesota 24th June 2015

John with Bark Busters was absolutely fantastic to work with. Our nearly one year old pug puppy was still having issues with potty training and we literally at our wit's end. We didn't know where to turn, and I decided to try out Bark Busters to see if they could help us. John came over and not only helped us with the potty training (she is doing great!) but also with a few other issues we were dealing with; and not only with Mango but our other dog Rigby. Overall, I will say that it was well worth the cost to have John help us with our dogs, especially the potty training. If you need help with in-home dog potty training or obedience, then talk to Bark Busters!
Ben T., Golden Valley, Minnesota 9th June 2015

Our training with John Warner was amazing. Our dogs, Sam and Winston, had issues with barking and aggression. They were changed dogs after the first training session. My husband and I learned how to manage/train our dogs, and our dogs started to understand their order in the household pack. John was patient, friendly and great to work with! We call him our dog whisperer and have recommended him to all our friends.
Rachel E., Plymouth, Minnesota 11th May 2015

It was a pleasure working with John to train our newly rescued dog, Murphy. John came prepared with many techniques and as he demonstrated on our beagle, Chloe -- my husband and I were amazed at how Chloe responded. It was then our task to try these same procedures on our then fearful and apprehensive, Murphy. It has been an amazing 2 weeks and Murphy has come so far that we let him engage with guests, both canine and people, this weekend WITHOUT any incidents. It is truly unbelievable how these simple, but consistent and firm training techniques and guidelines have turned our fearful little Corgi x Rescue Dog into one that is able to mix with groups of people and animals without biting. We will continue to work on all of the techniques that John put into place and continue Murphy's progress.
Deb V., Corcoran, Minnesota 28th April 2015

The training we received from John was above and beyond we have learned some new techniques to calm Roscoe which has made both his and our lives alot easier.
Dawn V., Coon Rapids, Minnesota 16th April 2015

John gave us the "tools" that we needed to deal with Mya's jumping up and desensitizing her to our cats. We noticed immediate improvement in her behavior. I would (and have) recommended Bark Busters to others.
DeeAnn D., Anoka, Minnesota 14th February 2015

Gave us great information on dogs overall needs to help make sure we address our dogs overall needs. And broke down details and steps to take for specific needs. John was very patient, knowledgable and helped us feel more confident with our dogs.
Stephanie A., Minneapolis, Minnesota 5th February 2015

John worked very well with us and our dogs, and offered many great suggestions and training tips to help us improve our dogs' behavior, and help us become pack leaders. We saw many great changes in our dogs, and feel that the tools used were very humane, and simple to employ.
Jana P., Maple Grove, Minnesota 21st November 2014

Had a very aggresive rescue dog both to other dogs and humans when in the house. John explained that our dog was very insecure and was relying on his cannine instinct when reacting. He taught us how to become the leader that Juno was not, but needed, and how like kids he needed structure for security. He is now a great companion dog. Richard-Maple Grove MN
Richard, Maple Grove 11th April 2013

So, I already gave a testament to John's skills. However, I have to add some more. Today, one week after John trained me to train, I took my youngest husky out on a walk for animals (Minnesota Walk for Animals 2011 for Animal Humane Society). I am single and have few visitors and one of our problems was leash training and socializing. She did PERFECT. I also learned from John how to keep her feeling safe in a crowd. It was a horrific day, raining hard and cold, and we were both grumpy and tired at the end of five miles, but she did PERFECT. She could not have done it without John training the trainer. All my dogs are like new and love our new life. If you want a quiet, calm and great life with your dog/s that appreciate you ... call John.
Kaye Mowrey, Champlin 30th April 2011

I was at my wits end. I have two siberian huskies, Chaos and Ditto, and they were out of control on walks. I tried gentle leader, got my vet's assistance, everything I could think of. After one meeting with John our lives have turned around. The girls show me much more respect, very well behaved, and in one short day I've gone for three walks with them smiling the whole way as they healed perfectly. Our walks are SO MUCH FUN. John is a magician, honestly, a magician. With a little work on my part and his guidance, it's like aliens stole my dogs and left perfectly behaved look alikes behind. John was kind, listened to my concerns, and guided me in what needed to be done to make our lives work. Thank you, thank you, thank you, John! I will continue working with them - it's worth every second of training!
Kaye M., Champlin 24th April 2011

Thanks to John's wonderful training techniques, our sweet puppy sits, stays, and heels when we ask her to. We are so happy with the results and are grateful to John for teaching us the strategies that have been successful in training our dog. We recommend Bark Busters to anyone who is struggling with their dog's behavior - it is well worth the investment!
Deena Johnson, Robbinsdale 9th March 2010

Three Shelties create a challenge. Little did we realize that one 3-hour session with John would be so rewarding. In one quick lesson, we now have 3 dogs that would attack the front door when the doorbell rang into 3 well-behaved quiet canines. We are very pleased with the results of one quick lesson. Thanks John for making our household a much quieter one.
Sheri/Vicky, Elk River 28th February 2010

Thank You so much for your help John. Our dog Anna started off on the wrong foot in her life, she had so many aggression issues that to be honest I was scared of her at first and angry with my husband for bringing her here, but 3 months later she's a very loving and sweet little German Shepherd gal. She now can be trusted with my kids, after 4 months, which is my #1 priority. I am a firm but loving pack leader! I love the way you helped me to understand her and your approach is all positive which is something that is extremely important to me. John, you taught me lessons that I will take with me for the rest of my life. I will always get my furry friends from a shelter or rescue because now I know how to handle many issues, and the ones I don't know how to handle, I will call you about sir! THANK YOU JOHN!!!!!!!!!
Chrissy, St. Paul 10th February 2010

YES! Techniques were safe and easy to understand. The changes in Maya were amazing because of what John taught us.
Carrie K., Long Lake 12th May 2009

Cathy was ready to take our 6-year-old springer spaniel to the shelter as he had become more and more aggressive to our 12-year-old dog; when she tried to discipline him he started growling at her. Our vet recommended Bark Busters, and Jennifer agreed it would be money well spent if it could restore peace to the household and she knew people in California who had had great success with Bark Busters. John came over the first time for almost 4 hours. Jennifer even flew in for the weekend from her current job site in California so she too wouldn't miss the first training session. John taught us how to start thinking like a dog and we began to learn how we needed to change so our Springer would realize we were the pack leaders and he did not have to be any longer. Our Springer immediately knew John was in charge the minute he started working with him. John has been very patient teaching us humans what we need to do and we have met with him now 3 more times since our initial visit to fine tune our dogs training. People visiting have noticed a huge improvement with our younger dog and both dogs are much more relaxed and understand there are rules and Mom is the top dog now. We take comfort in knowing we can call John at any time and he will come back as often as we feel we need him to. As John said, the dog knows what to do, he is just testing to see if his parents remember.
Cathy Dunaway and Jennifer Wisnom, Minneapolis 19th September 2007

John was very generous to work with my husband and I with our rescue and foster dogs, going way above and beyond (he even went to the home of Cooper's new family to aid in a smooth transition!) Our home is a much happier place after John trained us to properly train our dogs. I would strongly recommend his services to anyone.
Lori Marthe, Minneapolis 4th June 2007

Good job!!! It really worked!!!! I had tried many, many different things, and no one worked. Thanks!!!!
Santiago Jose García, Barelona 11th May 2007

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